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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Santa Barbara Store Window Style

If you're like me and you wouldn't be caught dead shopping amidst the masses of people on so-called "Black Friday", then don't fear! You can do some window shopping right here on Fashion Trend Guide. Check out some of the latest store window styles below from State Street and the Paseo Nuevo shopping center.

Brocade coat at Urban Outfitters

Tailored vest with piping at Urban Outfitters

Nike shoe with fabric detail at Urban Outfitters

Mustard and magenta at Gossip (an interesting mix of hues which somehow work well together)

Green handbag with studs at Gossip

Blue jacket at Gossip (reminds me of a jacket Alice Temperley did for her Fall '07 line)

Black tunic with lace bib detail at Gossip

Holiday looks at Angl

Shiny animal print handbag at Gossip

Tweed coat at Angl