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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old Navy for About $150

My feelings toward Old Navy could sometimes be characterized as love-hate. I love their prices and their selection of wardrobe basics, but I hate digging in their stores to find my size amidst blaring, loud disco music. My exception to this would be shopping at the Old Navy flagship in San Francisco. Every time I go, I take a deep breath and I bring my patience. The service at this location is (not surprisingly) the best of any Old Navy store, and the selection of sizes and colors is usually optimal. My last trip to Old Navy resulted in me scoring a fabulous pair of high-waisted, wide-leg denim trousers for about $20. A recent visit to their website reveals a wide array of colorful cashmere sweaters, knit hats, fleece scarves, and many more winter goodies. Here are my picks, and all for about $150...not bad, considering that in most cases it's hard to find a wool coat for under $150.

Old Navy winter style
Cropped toggle peacoat in navy, $46.80.
Toggle shawl-collar sweater, $34.50.
The Sweetheart colored jeans in gray, $24.50.
Fair Isle knit hat in rainbow, $12.50.
Cable-knit hobo handbag in crimson red, $24.50.

Since I have several winter coats and jackets in black, I could always use one in a neutral color such as navy, tan, or gray. The cropped length is good for moderate climates such as southern California. Many years ago, I bought a black wool peacoat from Old Navy for about $70, and I still wear it on cold winter nights and when I travel. It's a versatile classic style that goes well with jeans or equally well with dressier styles. Despite the fact that it's about 80 degress and I'm using a fan to cool myself in the middle of November, I have this desire to buy cozy knits. I like the warm weather, but I'm also anxious to put my winterwear to use!

Photo credit: oldnavy.com