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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Interview with Maritza Torres of Macha Machete

Tell me a little about yourself and how you started MACHA MACHETE, your handbag line.

MACHA MACHETE started out when I moved to Chinatown in March and attended the annual dragon parade celebrating the Chinese New Year. It was amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone. Towards the end of the parade there was a man pushing a pig in a shopping cart which I chalked up to the crazies that tend to live in downtown Los Angeles.

It turns out that this little dressed-up pig really had everything to do with MACHA MACHETE. I found out that 2007 is the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar and an incredibly lucky year for anyone born under that sign. And guess what my sign is? That's right, a pig. When I found this out I knew I had to start my own line.

How would you describe your personal style and who/what inspires you?

I would say the word "mash-up" really sums it up. Taking a little something from every kind of culture, be it psycho-billy to Bollywood. Mixing up just the right graphic, outfit, or dance mix is something I love doing.

Who is your typical customer?

They tend to be non-typical. Because my linings are so bright and quirky I get a lot of artistic girls. On the other hand my graphics tend to be a bit rock 'n roll. They're trippy, so I snag the attention of a lot of rocker girls. But one thing my customers have in common is that they are usually trend setters who have carved out their own style.

What's been the hardest thing so far about starting your own line?

Finding time for everything! I love every aspect of what has to get done, but because of my day job, it makes me really have to budget my time.

Do you have any advice for new designers?

A lot actually, but most of all, find people that know more about this industry than you do and that are willing to give good advice. You must be prepared; even if you are doing this on your own, people have to see that you are serious about your product. Then they will be serious about you.

Where do you like to shop?

Everywhere! I shop everywhere from the 99 Cent store to Melrose - there is nowhere I won't go! But my favorites would probably have to be Urban Outfitters, Goodwill, and Black Market.

Where can MACHA MACHETE bags be purchased?

You can currently find MACHA MACHETE at: Munky King on Melrose, Under the Table in Atwater, Red Zone in downtown L.A. and Burbank, Unitard in downtown L.A., and on Big Cartel.

What are your future goals for MACHA MACHETE?

Expanding! I want to be the female version of Obey - ultra-cool designs that you want to wear everyday.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with Fashion Trend Guide readers?

I just want to say thanks for letting me talk about the line and if anyone has questions on how to start your own line, advice, or comments, then check out MACHA MACHETE on myspace. I'm always doing some kind of fun event in Los Angeles so keep in touch!

Macha Machete