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Monday, November 26, 2007

Downtown, Uptown Ventura

The window displays at Wild Planet in downtown Ventura, CA never fail to disappoint. Yesterday I snapped a few shots of these summery styles.

Despite the fact that Ventura is a coastal community, it has never struck me as a "beachy" place. The surf culture is somewhat subdued when compared to places like Huntington Beach, Venice Beach, or Malibu. So it came as a slight surprise to see Wet Sand, a new surf boutique which recently opened on Main St. in downtown Ventura. Sure, Ventura has a few surf shops, but they're off the beaten path of good old Main Street with its cacophony of Harleys. I hope this opens the doors for more beachy shops and retailers.

I decided to put the finishing touches on my newly redecorated guest bedroom, which is being put to good use! Accessories, clockwise, from top left:

Shabby chic mirror from B. on Main, $16
Black glove hand/ring display, B. on Main, $14
Vintage bow headband with tulle, American Home Vintage & Antiques, $7