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Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Navy

With Old Navy's Fair Isle sweater commercial on every five minutes, I decided to hop into Old Navy and try one on for myself. They only had 3 left on the rack, so I hastily grabbed a size small. It looks great in the ads and hanging on the rack, but in reality it swamps my petite frame and the bell-shaped sleeves would just end up annoying me. On a tall person with some wide-leg trousers, it would be phenomenal. My verdict - pass on this style if you're short.

Old Navy sweater

Last week I saw a girl on Style Diary (foxy_brown) with some great high-waisted wide-leg denim trousers. When I asked her where they were from, I was shocked to find out that she bought them recently at Old Navy. Before I even entered the store today, I saw these beauties on the rack. They had plenty of stock and two colors available - dark blue and black. The icing on the cake is that they are on sale for a mere $20. Time to stock up ladies!

Old Navy wide leg jeans These pants don't have belt loops, so I was hesitant as to how they would fit in the waist. When I tucked in my shirt, the fit was impressive, considering that Old Navy's sizes are unpredictable depending on the garment. Sometimes I'm a 2, other times I'm a 6, and most of the time I'm a 4. They are basically a regular pair of wide-leg jeans with a 3-button yoke added to make them high-waisted. There are patch pockets in the back which are placed low and sized perfectly to flatter the rear. They also have slant pockets in the front. If you're in the market for a pair, I highly recommend these, as they are trendy, inexpensive, and versatile.

As a side note, while I was happily snapping away with my camera in the fitting room, I overheard an amusing conversation between a manager and the fitting room attendant. The manager was trying to coach her employee on how to ask customers if they wanted to apply for an Old Navy credit card, a.k.a. would they like to save 10% on their purchase by opening an account, blah blah, blah. I think that when a customer is leaving the dressing room, it's simply a bad time to ask them this. As a regular customer, I already know that they're going to ask me AGAIN when I get to the cash register in a few minutes...so what's the point?