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Friday, October 12, 2007

Fashion Trend Guide Mini-Makeover

If you're a regular Fashion Trend Guide reader, your discerning eye may notice a slight change in my blog's appearance. A little makeover is always a good thing!

I spent a few hours today playing the role of computer geek and I've learned a few new things about blogger and changing the code in my template. I admit there were a few fist-clenching, frustrating moments, but my patience was worth it. Having Photoshop certainly helped, too. In the end, I made some small changes to my blog header and I decreased its size. For some odd reason, blogger simply stopped allowing me to upload an image to my header after about three tries. So I consulted a blog about blogger tips and I was able to change the code to eliminate the header completely. Then I added a new header, but the header dialogue box still wouldn't allow me to upload images, so I just added a new page element (an image) to the top by tweaking the html code. In addition, I removed the underlining on all of my links so the blog looks more streamlined. I've also added a handy little search box so you can search my blog for whatever your heart desires. As I learn more, expect to see some minor improvements in FTG along the way. Enjoy!