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Monday, October 22, 2007

dELiA*s October Picks

My new dELiA*s catalog has arrived and in order to drag myself away from the news coverage of the terrible southern California wildfires, I've put together some of my favorite looks. Although I'm seriously eyeing the sequin Chucks, the $82 price point may cause me to reconsider. Since when did Chucks get so expensive? This gives me inspiration for a DIY project involving some heavy duty glue, sequins, and some inexpensive canvas sneakers. Although I feel that skulls and bubble tank tops have hit their peak on the fashion cycle long ago, I still can't resist dELiA*s versions. The plaid handbag is a great way to incorporate one of fall's most popular prints into your wardrobe. I've always been a bit shy when it comes to wearing plaid pants, jackets, or skirts, but I wouldn't shy away from this bag, which comes in red or green. Happy shopping!

Photo credit: delias.com