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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Simply Simple

Was anyone else largely unimpressed by the Simply Vera collection at Kohl's? I first saw the collection online and was curious to see how the pieces would look and feel in person. In typical Kohl's fashion, the pieces were poorly merchandised. Sometimes great mannequin styling and eye-catching signage or print ads can boost the visual impact of a retail setting. Perhaps the executives over at Kohl's underestimate the power of great merchandising techniques. (They should visit Anthropologie for inspiration.) My overall feeling from the collection is that the target customer is somewhere between the ages of 25 and 45. Many of the tops were long and flowy, so even a size small would not flatter someone with a petite frame like myself. Size extra small, anyone? Most of the items were simple in design and dark in color, in hues such as smoky lavender, deep purple, gray, inky black, and navy blue. I was quite bored with many of the pieces, as they seemed basic and lacking in unique design details. The standout piece for me, however, is the purple ruffled satin blouse, which retails for $58. I passed on this top because I'm not purple's biggest fan and because it looked a bit too long in length. With all of the long tops out there, what am I supposed to wear with my high-waisted pants? I don't want too much fabric tucked into my pants, as it creates bulk. I haven't given up hope completely. I will be checking Kohl's for new shipments in the coming weeks. Maybe something from the Simply Vera line will inspire me. I did not leave the store empty-handed though, as there were two items that I gravitated toward.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohl's

Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohl'sI bought this Simply Vera knit hat for $28. I've been buying lots of knit hats (beanies) this season, so I'm ready for bad hair days! They can be chic and playful, as is this one with its soft pom-pom.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohl's I usually don't shop in Kohl's sleepwear department, but on my way to the shoe department, this slip/chemise looked interesting. Upon closer inspection, I liked the mesh detail on the hems. I also liked the colorblock construction and babydoll silhouette. It could be worn as a slip underneath some of my sheer dresses, or even as a dress during warmer weather! Simply Vera satin chemise/slip - $34.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohl's Here it is worn by itself.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohl'sAccessories make all the difference. I layered a lacy sleeveless top underneath the slip, added a romantic cameo necklace, and a handmade bag that I bought in London. Voila! Ready for a dinner date!
Photo credit: kohls.com