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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shopaholics Anonymous

All of the shopping that I've been doing in the past few weeks has got me thinking - am I addicted to shopping? Like a drug addict feigning for their next high, I dream of some of the items that I'd like to add to my ever-expanding wardrobe. For example, a new Fair Isle sweater from Old Navy. Those TV ads are so enticing and romantic. The fact is that I don't even own a Fair Isle sweater. Do I really need one? No, I could live without one, but there will be a tiny voice in my mind reminding me of how much I want one. While shopping for apparel can be an expensive habit, it could be a lot worse! As far as addictions go, shopping isn't so bad.

As a teenager, I remember the excitement of buying something new and wanting to wear it as soon as I could get home and cut off the tags. On a few occasions, I've even worn an item out of the store and removed the tag so the salesperson could scan it at the register. Nowadays, I have more patience and I prefer to wash my new purchases before I wear them. I feel such exhilaration when I'm shopping and I find something that's novel. I'll start thinking about how I can accessorize such item and what it would match in my closet.

Tonight I felt that excitement when I went to Target and browsed the Alice Temperley racks for the second time this week. Great timing! My store must have received a fresh new shipment recently because they had a great selection of jackets, polka dot thermal long-sleeved T-shirts, and dresses. I bought three more pieces from the collection because I know they'll sell out quickly. The fabulous blue wool jacket that I bought last Sunday has already sold out. I saw it on ebay for about $70, and the store price is $44.99!

I also went to Kohl's to find the colorblock dress from the Simply Vera collection. I saw it in on the cover of one of Kohl's ads and it looked so good! Luckily, it was on sale for $88 instead of the regular price of $128, and they had one left in my size. (They run big in case you're wondering.) When I got home and tried it on, I didn't like the length, as it reminded me of something a librarian would wear. I thought it would be much more flattering if it were shorter.

Simply Vera Vera Wang dress Kohl's

Here is how the dress looked when I first tried it on.

Simply Vera Vera Wang dress Kohl'sAn hour later, I was able to take the trim off and shorten it by 8 inches. It's much more flattering as a knee-length dress. I'm still not sure about the sleeves, as they are drop-shoulder sleeves and tend to make my upper arms appear larger then they really are. Perhaps I'll shorten them. In any case, I added some accessories, changed the belt, and I think it looks much better! It's the perfect winter holiday dress.