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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shady Ladies

Rose Bowl Flea Market street style
I applaud the efforts of the many Rose Bowl Flea Market shoppers this past Sunday in using a parasol or umbrella to shade themselves from the sun. While I typically wear hats, sunblock, and large sunglasses to protect myself from damaging UV rays, I think that it would be difficult to shop while holding one of these in your hand. My oversized handbag combined with my purchases makes it hard enough to use both hands freely while shopping! On the other hand, umbrellas provide relief from the intense heat and they look pretty chic when paired with a simple dress or casual shopping attire. Even when it rains, I don't see this many people carrying umbrellas! Who knows, maybe this is a trend in the making...I saw lots of umbrellas and parasols for sale at the Rose Bowl and it almost never rains in southern California.