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Friday, September 14, 2007

Jumpsuit to High-Waisted

Although the sewing machine that I recently bought from Target was on sale last week for $99, I wasn't too upset because in the month or so since I've had it, I feel like I've gotten enough use out of it to offset the $30 price difference in what I paid for it.

My latest DIY project:

I purchased this 1970s-style halter jumpsuit during the height of summer from my local Forever 21 store. At the time, I was excited about the jumpsuit trend and wanted to be the first on the block to wear one. A couple of weeks after I bought it, I noticed that the store still had a few left on the racks. Sometimes people are slow to buy into trends like the jumpsuit, which can be tricky to wear. This one, which I bought in a size small, was too long in the torso area so I added a second buttonhole behind the neck. Being the perfectionist that I am, I still was not satisfied with the fit. I threw it aside, knowing that I would probably make some more changes to it to ensure a better fit.

In addition to my affinity for the jumpsuit trend, I also possess a liking for the high-waisted trend this season. I've seen a few pairs of high-waisted wide-leg trousers, but they usually don't have my size. One night while trying on my halter jumpsuit, I observed that I could simply cut the halter portion along one of the seams and ta-da, I'd have a pair of super high-waisted pants! So I carefully snipped along the seam with my trusty Ginghers and I also cut the zipper in the back. In my excitement at the ease of this quick transformation, I pulled the pants on and zipped them up! Oops, the zipper pull came right off, as I had cut the top part of the zipper off and wasn't thinking about the consequences. (You should always shorten a zipper from the bottom, right?) I had only sewn one zipper onto a garment before, so the prospect of buying and installing a new one did not exactly excite me.

A few days later, with a new zipper in hand, I made some careful measurements, read the brief instructions that came with the zipper, and with some careful cutting, stitching, pressing, pinning, and sewing, my new zipper was installed. It wasn't so hard after all!

Forever 21 jumpsuit Forever 21 halter jumpsuit with side tie, $29.80

high waist pantsAs much as I liked the jumpsuit, these high-waisted pants that I fashioned out of the jumpsuit are more versatile and fit much better!

Photo credit: forever21.com