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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fash'on-able Top

Although it's pouring rain as I type this, there is a ray of sunshine in my day! In other words, my new shirt, made by Diana of So Fash'on has arrived! All the way from Romania! I'm so happy and excited because I've been looking forward to receiving this top for weeks. It was worth the wait, that's for sure. Thank you Diana for all of the efforts you made in constructing this top and shipping it to me!

I have a weakness in my heart for drapey cowl neck shirts. This one drapes so beautifully and feels great against the skin. It features two adjustable ties - one behind the neck and the other in the middle of the back. So you can adjust how much skin you want to show. I also like the discreet hook-and-eye closure at the neckline, it also allows for more modesty or for showing more skin.

For anyone who reads Diana's blog, you're probably familiar with her DIY talents and her passion for fashion. She's great at interpreting runway trends and putting her own spin on them. From experience I can also testify as to her fantastic sewing and draping skills! With all of her talent, she would make a great fashion editor, journalist, stylist, photographer, artist, or fashion designer. I have a feeling that she'll make it big in the fashion world! I am very proud to be her first customer! Sorry for my extreme enthusiasm, but this young lady is talented and deserves recognition. Cheers to Diana!

Diana Bobar halter top

I know that when I wear this top, nobody else will have one like it!