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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cheap Chic Fall 2007 Must Haves

fall 2007 fashionI often gain style inspiration from shopping (online and in stores), reading magazines, and watching TV. When I see something that I covet, I often make a mental note. As the short term memory is only useful for storing 5-7 pieces of information in it, I make a strong effort to transfer my must have items into long-term memory. When that fails, I rely upon making lists. The hope is that I won't forget about those lovely fashion items that I long for before they go out of style.

This season, there are many things that have caught my eye. I haven't yet bought the bow necklace by Dominique Cohen for Target, but if my local store has it and the jewelry counter is actually blessed with a Target employee, I may snatch it up. (Every time I walk by, there seems to be no one behind the counter.) I'm also loving the Sweetheart vest by Forever 21. You can probably only wear it twice before it starts to unravel, but it's just so cute! The adorable print reminds me of my childhood. Nine West's Metropop sandal looks uncannily like a certain Prada sandal that I'm liking more and more. Nine West has also done a knockoff off the two-color Prada footless socks that are so popular. Old Navy (which I've been a fan of for several years now) has a great trouser jean which can easily be dressed up or down with a change of accessories. I must disclose that I'm not crazy about pleats, but I'm willing to give them a try. Finally, knit hats are one of my favorite accessories this season. I cut bangs (a.k.a. a "fringe" to you Brits) a few months ago, and hats just look better on me with bangs, so I've been wearing a variety of hat styles more often. Hats are also perfect for windy days, bad hair days, and when you want a quick disguise to change your look. I bought Vera Wang's faux fur pom hat at Kohl's, and although it's a little big, I think it will look cute pulled down low over my forehead.

Photo credit: forever21.com, target.com, kohls.com, ninewest.com, oldnavy.com