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Friday, August 17, 2007

Walk on Down

The Ventura Art Walk is taking place from 1-9pm on Saturday, August 18th in downtown Ventura, CA. It will bring together regional artists, local galleries, visitors, and businesses in a celebration of art and culture. The Art Walk will feature 150 regional artists, 20 live performances, activities for the kids, and great beachy weather! Browse the artwork, listen to great music, watch some dancing (or do some dancing), and stop into your favorite downtown boutique or restaurant to show your support. I'll definitely be checking out the new stock at LeMonde Emporium, Camouflage, B. on Main, Ciao Bella, the Tiki Lounge, and Wild Planet. For lunch or dinner, I highly recommend Cafe Bariloche for sumptuous South American cuisine such as lomo saltado and empanadas. Yum, yum, yum - it's some of the most savory food in Ventura! For more info on the Art Walk, please click here.