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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sew What!

After years of using an ancient Bernina sewing machine that I had stolen from my mother (who wasn't using it), I finally caved in and bought a new sewing machine. I learned to sew five years ago when I enrolled in a beginner class at my local community college. I enjoyed the art of creating things so much that I would come home from class at 10pm and stay up well past midnight working on my projects. Although the Bernina I was using was well-made and sturdy, I never could figure out if it had backstitch or buttonhole functions. According to my father, the machine cost about $400 over 30 years ago. (So it must have been a nice one for the time, right?) With that machine, I have: hemmed dozens of pairs of pants, altered some shirts and sewed a few hats and T-shirts.

Since I am not a sophisticated seamstress, I decided to purchase a basic Singer Esteem model from Target for about $130. What I like about it is that it has 34 stitch finctions an an automatic one-step buttonhole function. It's easy to use (it sews so much faster and quieter than my Bernina) and will get the job done for my simple sewing projects.

Singer sewing machine One of my first projects was to alter this top that I bought recently so the fit would be more figure-hugging. I shortened the straps by about an inch and then created a bubble hem. I know the bubble hem is on the way out, but I surprisingly don't have anything in my wardrobe that has a bubble hem. I'm also getting tired of all the long tops that dominate my closet and I want to show off my assets once in a while.

DIY bubble hem top