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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Downtown Girl

Art Walk - August 18th - downtown Ventura, CA

I spent a warm Saturday afternoon in downtown Ventura on Saturday browsing the boutiques, art, and local galleries. Local artists set up tables on the sidealks upon which they displayed their work and many people came out to browse, shop, dine, and enjoy music. Now all they have to do is ban all those noisy motorcycles and the place would be idyllic. There are great views of the ocean and of downtown Ventura from many vantage points along Poli Street. As more upscale eateries and home furnishings stores set up shop in the area, it is slowly changing for the better. The only exception is the closing of several great antique shops.

Brakey House Ventura Anybody want to buy a bed and breakfast with marvelous ocean views? The Brakey House is for sale!

Here is the view from City Hall.

The Arvee Park Band performing.

The storefront of one of my favorite boutiques, B. On Main. They sell amazing French soaps, cute lingerie, candles, surf-inspired art, stationary, decorative wall plaques, and much more for your home. I almost never leave the store empty-handed.

Here is the storefront of American Home Antiques & Vintage. The store is located at 64 S. Oak Street. If you like shabby chic, this is the place to go for home decor, furniture, bird cages, quilts, and great one-of-a-kind pieces.

Second window display at American Home Antiques & Vintage.

Vintage stroller at American Home Antiques & Vintage.

I bought this black wire frame and candle holder from B. On Main. As my next big project is to redecorate the guest bedroom at home, I have chosen a girly French vintage theme with black and white as my main colors.

I picked up this padded box with an Eiffel Tower print at American Home Antiques & Vintage. The deliciously scented French soap is from B. On Main. They have an extensive selection of French-milled soap in the back of the store.

It was love at first sight when I stumbled upon this richly decorated hand mirror at American Home Antiques & Vintage.

I found this delicate headdress/headband at American Home Antiques & Vintage. It lends a dressy, feminine touch without being too over-the-top. I think I could pull it off with a wispy ruffled top, dark denim, and some glamorous heels.

Camouflage, one of my favorite boutiques in Ventura, did not disappoint me. I've been looking for some fitted black skinnies for a few months. They have been quite heard to find, as it is still summer. I've been trying to avoid going the route of J Brand because I'm tired of paying triple digits for designer denim. Well lucky me! I found this pair of black skinnies for about $27. They will go with so many items in my wardrobe, I probably should have bought 2 pairs at that amazing price!

spectator heels
I could not resist these lace-up spectator-oxford-wing tips. I saw them a couple of months ago at Wild Planet and passed on them. This time, however, I had to have them! At $55, they were a good deal. Happy shopping!