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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Betsey's Newest Fan

Along with thousands of other bargain-hungry shoppers, I headed out to the Camarillo Outlets for some good shopping on Sunday. It seemed to be busier than usual, as there were a couple of tour buses unloading shoppers/tourists in one of the parking lots. Combine that with hordes of back-to-school shoppers, and you have madness. Despite the crowds, I was able to score my favorite long-sleeved T-shirts from the newly opened J. Crew, and they were on sale - 2 for $30. The store is nicely merchandised, although the table placed directly in the middle (close to the entrance) can lead to traffic jams. All in all, the service was good and the selection of preppy staples was plentiful. I had my eye on a gorgeous leopard print cardigan, but at $72, I think I'll wait for a sale. Then I moved on to Attitudes, where they have designer denim at prices below $100. I passed on some J Brand jeans, as I'm quite bored with designer denim and the ridiculous prices. As it is, I have every denim label you can think of in my closet. As a side note, I've been noticing a lot of William Rast jeans at discount stores lately. They look well-cut and flattering, so why aren't they selling?

At the Betsey Johnson store, I had previously spotted a fabulous lavender halter top with oatmeal colored lace trim that was priced at around $90 a few weeks ago. My stars must have been aligned because they had two left, and one was in my size. Better yet, it was on sale for $45! I was shocked that it was still on the racks after a few weeks. This is my first Betsey Johnson piece, and I'm impressed by the delicate design details, the extensive stitching, and the fact that I can machine wash this piece. I'll definitely be going back to Betsey Johnson when I need a dress or something glamorous for a special occasion.

Betsey Johnson halter top