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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Don'ts

Summer is in full swing here in southern California and that means that I'm out watching what people are wearing. Despite enjoying some of the best weather in the world, unfortunately, I am not able to enjoy the best street fashion in the world. Often, I find more fashion "don'ts" than "dos" on the street. As I intend my blog to be a showcase of great style, I just don't have it in me to photograph the "don'ts." So here is my plea to the public/list of things that no one should ever wear in public:

1. Camouflage. It is so over. I wrote about it being over in March, but it seems that not enough people are believing me. Really, it's over. Leave camo to the military. It's ugly for a reason. It's meant to disguise you out in the field and it has no place in everyday "fashion." While I do appreciate a man in uniform, I don't appreciate a civilian in "uniform."

2. Ugg-ly boots. Need I write more? They're ugg-ly, so wear them at home and only at home. Besides, it's summer, and these boots are more of a cold weather staple. The truth is that they were only cool when surfers wore them back in the 90s. Then celebs started wearing them and everyone jumped on the ugg-ly bandwagon.

3. Too-short shorts. Today I saw two young women wearing shorts that were simply too short, eg. "your saggy butt cheeks are showing." To make matters worse, the shorts had cheesy sayings screen-printed across the butt. Not cute. Ladies, please only wear these shorts to bed or just leave this look to go-go dancers who are in great shape.

4. Tube tops. If your cup size is bigger than a C, you should probably just avoid tube tops (especially tight stretchy ones) because they'll look tacky. It's important to have gravity on your side when considering strapless tops like these, and the right bra is important as well. Women who are larger up top can always benefit from some extra support in the form of straps.

*If you're reading this, you probably don't need style tips. Sadly, the people who could benefit the most from this advice are the style-challenged people who are not in the habit of reading fashion blogs such as this one. Ahh, how ironic.