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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sneak Peek

With Fall right around the corner, it's time to start focusing on new and improved fashion trends. The only downfall is that it's especially hard to buy "cold" weather clothing in August, when temperatures are still warm in southern California. Well who am I to complain? I like being able to wear sleeveless tops well into the month of October, but I also can't wait to start wearing my beloved boots. I also enjoy the options that cold weather provides, such as layering sweaters and jackets over woven tops.

This Fall some of the major trends to keep an eye on include: feathers, the color gray, folds, pleats, & ruffles, plaids, muted metallics, patent accessories, shoe-boots, jodhpurs (seen at Balenciaga), full sleeves, and sweaters.

When I saw these acid-washed jeans by Lux at Urban Outfitters, I wasn't sure whether to scoff or smile. They look better than they did back in the 80s. I also saw a pair of acid-washed shorts, but I like the jeans better. I must admit that although I won't be wearing them, I am somewhat fascinated by the return of this trend. So far, the only people who I have seen wearing acid-washed jeans are the poor souls who have no clue that the 80s are over. Hence, they're not being trendy. They just don't know any better.

My quest for a pair of reasonably priced denim high-waisted shorts continues. By the time I find some, I probably will have moved on to something else. Nevertheless, these shorts can transistion well into Fall with some thick tights and some shoe-boots or ankle boots. This particular pair can be found at my favorite British retailer, Topshop, for about $60.

This Michael Kors boot with an angled cuff gives you two Fall trends rolled into one - muted metallic and animal print/embossing. It is available at Nordstrom for $197.95.
One way to update your wardrobe this Fall is to add some ruffles, pleats, or folds by way of a feminine blouse or skirt. This plaid Emma top from Delia*s has cap sleeves and delicate ruffles which balance out the bold plaid print.

This bishop-sleeved top from Alloy incorporates two important Fall trends - the color gray and voluminous sleeves.

If you are timid when it comes to donning plaid, why not try some dark plaid pumps like these by Betsey Johnson? I'd wear them with some dark skinny jeans and an oversized cardigan. How cute is the glossy cap toe detail?
Photo credit: nordstrom.com, delias.com, alloy.com, topshop.co.uk, urbn.com