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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life and Libertine

The one piece from the Libertine for Target line that I was excited about and anxiously awaiting the arrival of was the striped shirtdress. There is something innocent and sexy about a shirtdress that I cannot fully explain. They are polished and professional, yet casual and flirtatious all at the same time. Having read the not-so-great online reviews from customers who bought the plain Libertine shirtdress in the off-white color, I expected this one to also have very little shape and to fit like a tent. I bought an extra small in anticipation of the lack of shape this dress would have. Once I pulled it over my head, I noticed without surprise that the shoulder/underarm area was a just a bit tight. Oh well, I guess I won't be raising my arms while I wear this dress. Maybe I should quit lifting weights? Other than that, I was pleased with the fit. The dress hits at the knee, which is a good length for flattering the legs.

I photographed the dress without any accessories, and to be quite frank, it reminds me vaguely of a hospital gown (especially with the fine stripes). With a few simple accessories, the dress looks brilliant. I turned down the collar, added a vintage belt that I had when I was a kid and a fabric beaded necklace, and voila! The dress has shape and character! I'm so excited. It's so versatile that the possibilities for accessorizing this dress are endless: flat boots, patent pumps, a knit beanie, a brown leather belt, some tights for cold weather, a sweater vest layered on top, etc.

Libertine for Target dress