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Friday, July 20, 2007

Ice Cream in the Shade

Today I slept in late and then cruised over to the Ventura Harbor Village for some ice cream from Coastal Cone. I leisurely ate my ice cream and watched the people pass by while enjoying the beautiful views of the harbor. It was nice just to sit in the shade and pass the time in a carefree manner. As I expected, there was nobody stylish enough to photograph. Just grandparents taking the kids for ice cream and couples, couples, many couples walking along the embankment. The Ventura Harbor Village is a nice place to catch an ocean breeze, grab some dinner, enjoy happy hour, watch a comedy show, play some arcade games, or do some gift shopping. You can also rent a kayak, charter a boat, rent paddle boats, or take a cruise to one of the Channel Islands. If you're in need of a swimsuit, Ventura Swimwear has the best selection in town.

Ventura Harbor
Ventura Harbor

Ventura HarborHappy summer!