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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cheap & Chunky

My obsession with cheap, chunky plastic rings began only recently, as I have not been known to be a huge jewelry fan. My new and inexplicable interest in jewelry has slowly been on the rise. In London, I stocked up on pendant necklaces with ice cream cones, cassette players, charms, dice, and other playful items. I bought some neon rubber bracelets, a ring with a huge red strawberry, and a pin from Topshop that has fruit charms. Clearly, I'm not into gems and valuable metals. If you're wearing an expensive piece of jewelry, chances are that I'm not going to know how expensive it was or what it's made of.

These two plastic rings, which are available at Charlotte Russe, are two examples of the type of jewelry that's been catching my eye lately. Maybe I miss the days of my youth, when charm bracelets and brightly colored rubber bracelets were all the rage. With all the bold colors that are available this season, a playful chunky ring may be the perfect accessory.
bright ring

bright ring
Photos courtesy of charlotte-russe.com