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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why I Love London

My recent trip to London was a great learning experience. I have lived in many places (on the East Coast of the U.S. and in southern California) and I have come to realize that almost every time I take a vacation, it's to a major city. Does this mean that I want to live in a big city? Well, no, but big cities offer so much more than suburban cities. Here is what I loved about London:
  • the sheer diversity of its residents - you walk down the street and hear five different languages in five minutes
  • the fabulous food halls in department stores, especially Harrods
  • the convenience of having great supermarkets in the middle of the city
  • the fantastic array of restaurants (I ate a different type of cuisine every day for a week)
  • the dizzying selection of shopping areas, high street stores, street markets, and boutiques
  • the inspirational street styles that I saw all around the city
  • the cleanliness of the streets given there are few trash cans (I often saw workers sweeping the streets)
  • the efficiency, speed, and cleanliness of the tube (it was the best way to get around and it never let me down)
  • the great selection of theatres, plays, and museums
  • the amazing architecture and rich history of London (there is so much to see and learn)
  • the beautiful parks and gardens that can be found all over the place (they offer a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle)
  • the TopShop and Primark flagships!!!!!
  • interesting nightclubs, pubs, and taverns
  • very attractive men in tailored suits, especially on Savile Row :)