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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Join the Navy

I spied this adorable bikini at Old Navy about two weeks ago and I was tempted to purchase it solely based upon the fact that I love the print and the colors. I'm such a sucker for blue! Do I need a bikini, you ask. Well, no. Am I going to use a bikini this summer? It's unlikely. Despite my proximity to the beach, I am not into swimming in the dirty Pacific or laying out for a tan. So I like to convince myself that I'm going to vacation somewhere warm this summer so that I can rationalize my desire for this swimsuit. Maybe I'll stay at a hotel with a pool...? The icing on the cake is that at $12.50 per piece, I can feel relatively guilt-free about buying it! Other colors and styles are available at Old Navy, so there are endless opportunities to mix and match.

Old Navy bikini
Old Navy bikini

Photos courtesy of oldnavy.com.