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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gotta Have It

crochet beret
When I was shopping at Urban Outfitters in Santa Barbara a month ago, I saw this cute crochet beret on one of the front display tables. I picked it up, inspected it, and for some silly reason, put it back on the table. Boy, do I regret that now. I have been thinking about that beret ever since. I even went to another Urban 2 weeks ago to find one and was crestfallen upon discovering that all they had left was orange - not my color. I have a rule that I often follow when I'm out shopping. If I see something that catches my eye and I think that it may sell out, I don't hesitate to buy it. After all, I can always return it if I change my mind, right? Further, if I don't buy the desired item right away and I keep thinking about it long after I've left the store, then I return to make the purchase. I admit that I'm somewhat obsessive about feeling like I've missed out on a great piece of clothing or accessory. The good news is that I only buy what I can afford and I never use credit cards.
Photo courtesy of www.urbn.com
Shopping info: crochet beret, $24. Comes in gray, yellow, orange & other colors.