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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dressing Matilda - Looks From My Closet

Here are some spring and summer looks that I put together from my closet.

I paired my new Hello Kitty T-shirt with my favorite marching band-inspired vest, a shoe charm necklace, and a slouchy bag from H & M.

I got this beautiful scarf as a gift and styled it with a multi-colored beaded tank top and a handbag charm necklace. Perfect for cool summer days!

I love the casual vibe of this blue tunic. It has two small pockets near the hem and can be tied to accent the waist.

One of my most recent acquisitions is this floral print top. It has bits of yellow and green which are accented by the accessories. This look would work well with a crisp pencil skirt and flats, or even sailor pants and canvas wedges.