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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Just Don't Do It

I am a self-described fashion addict, people watcher, and trend analyst. I take note of stylish people wherever I go. On the other hand, I also observe those who are not so blessed in the style department. This leads me to make a short list of trends that I would like to see abolished once and for all:

1. Ugg boots (or a style resembling Ugg boots) tucked into sweat pants
2. Camouflage - leave that to the military (Sean A., don't you agree?)
3. Super low-rise jeans
4. Printed polyester tops with asymmetrical hems - they just look cheap

On a more positive note, some of my favorite Spring 2007 trends are:

1. Rosette details - they're so dainty and so pretty
2. Patent leather accessories
3. Shiny metallics - my gold handbag from Fall 2005 is still in style :)
4. Babydoll silhouettes - they flatter almost every body type
5. Geek chic - it's cool to wear cardigans, glasses, and preppy pieces
6. Pleated shorts
7. Bright hues - goldenrod, kelly green, cobalt blue
8. Platforms and wedges
9. Khaki - neutrals work well with many of the other spring trends
10. Nautical - I love the combo of red, white & blue
11. Wide-leg jeans - get a pair if you don't have some already! They are flattering when worn with pointy shoes because they create the illusion of longer legs.