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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ain't Got Time

We've all felt buyer's remorse at some time or another. For me, it usually hits before I've even made the purchase, when I'm standing in line. If I have to wait too long to pay for my merchandise, I am less likely to make the purchase. Retailers SHOULD know this and they should create a shopping environment that caters to this fact. For example, they could open more registers so the lines move faster. Or create unique displays at the cash wrap. Then customers will have less time to contemplate, "Do I really need this?"
I often shop at the Gap Outlet store during my lunch. It does not matter what day or what time it is, that store always has a line of at least 12 people waiting to pay. I have observed this for over 5 years in this particular store. So today, for the second time in 3 weeks, I picked out a pair of pants that I really wanted and when I looked at the length of the line, I put the pants back and left the store in disgust. I simply do not want to spend 1/6 of my very precious lunch hour waiting in line. The Gap Outlet should recognize this, because they are losing lots of $$$$ by failing to make their cash wrap quick and convenient.
Here's a simple formula to summarize my feelings: great prices + long lines= NO SALE