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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Look for Less - Gucci Crossover Mule Sandals

With their sturdy block heels, sporty stitching, and sleek leather finishes, the Gucci crossover mule sandals (a.k.a. Webby metallic crisscross sandals) first took the fashion world by storm as part of the Resort 2016 collection. In a myriad of modern colors including gold, shimmery pink, porcelain rose, and emerald, they've graced the feet of Miroslava Duma, Margot Robbie, Liu Wen and Solange Knowles. Fast forward to fall 2016, and these beauties are still shining brightly. They add instant glamour to a jeans and tee look, a fancy skirt and sweater combo, or a chic mini dress. I especially love this floral emerald style.

Gucci Crossover Mule Sandals Street Style

imagse via Pinterest

While the real deal may set you back about $595, there are tons of lower priced options.

Shop the real thing:

Here are my favorite styles at more affordable price points. Get the crisscross mule sandal look for less: